...because the foundation of the construction management process is based on partnering of all the project participants to deliver the completed project to the client. As an equal partner in the design and construction process, Gaeke Construction not only provides construction services and post-construction services as a part of the construction management process but will provide pre-construction services also.

Gaeke Construction understands the importance of the pre-construction construction management process. Time spent on the pre-construction process is the single most important process to address and solve potential design, budget and scheduling problems long before construction even starts. The ultimate goal of the pre-construction process is to generate valuable cost and constructability information that can be used by the design team and owner to make educated and accurate decisions regarding the planning, building and operation and maintenance of their capital investment.

A potential client can expect the following pre-construction, construction and post construction services to be a part of their project under the Gaeke Construction Construction Management process.

Gaeke Construction has successfully completed hundreds and hundreds of projects using the Construction Management at Risk Contract delivery method and it is the preferred contract delivery method of the company.

Pre-Construction Services include:

  • Plan and specification review.
  • Initial project budgets
  • Initial project schedule
  • Provide continuous constructability reviews as the building design progress
  • Provide Information concerning construction means and methods as they relate to the specific cost of a particular architectural design and detail.
  • Refine the project budget based on 50%, 75% and 100% drawing completion
  • Refine project schedule based on 75% and 100% drawing completion.
  • Provide value engineering information for alternative construction products and the means and methods associated with these products.
  • Obtain accurate pricing from subcontractors and material suppliers that reflect the plans and specification generated by the design team.

Construction Services include:

  • Implementing the budget and schedule formulated during the preconstruction phase of the construction management process.
  • Provide all onsite construction infrastructure to manage the project
  • Provide all onsite supervisory staff to manage the project.
  • Provide all office supporting staff to insure accurate job record keeping and accounting.
  • Provide construction quality management and controls
  • Provide for cost control of all aspects of the project
  • Provide for all construction communications between the design team
  • Coordinate with local and area governing authorities that have inspection jurisdiction over the project.
  • Provide all insurance, bonds required by the contract
  • Insure job site safety

Post-Construction Services include:

  • Project close out
  • Accurate and timely punch list completion
  • Warranty records
  • Accurate as-build drawings