Our foundation for success has been based on providing the highest level of quality products and workmanship. Throughout the years Gaeke Construction has accomplished this with hundreds of home owners by fostering a professional and fun working relationship during the planning and construction process. Gaeke Construction fosters a team effort with its subcontractors and suppliers to work together with the common goal of creating the home of your dreams crafted with pride, integrity and trust.

Take a minute and let us explain what to expect if you chose Gaeke Construction as the contractor for your new home. 

Step 1: Getting Started

By now you have probably gathered photos, newspaper articles, magazine articles and tentative home plans in your quest to build your new home. You have formulated pictures in your mind of what you think your new home will look like. Your children have probably requested what their rooms should look like and placed an order for a game room or media room, and of course, your close friends have made request for the BBQ area for Sunday night football watching. Many people have a stake and an opinion of the end result of your venture.

And you probably have thought, “How on Earth can we put this all together?!”

Simple! That is what Doug Gaeke, David Bartay and Bob Gaeke are all extremely good at. Call the office and set up an initial consultation and bring all the information you have collected. Bring all the neighbors comments and the rest of the clan’s requests and let us help you. The initial consultation is a giant fact finding mission and gives us the ability to formulate a game plan for your project. 

Step 2: Details, details, details!

To move forward with your new home planning, these are just a few of the items that we’ll need to discuss:

DEFINE the floor plan

DETERMINE the architectural style of the home

REVIEW the building site topography and size

We’ll need information concerning exterior finishes, interior finishes, light fixtures, plumbing fixtures, hardware and cabinets.

We’ll need to discuss any distinguishing architectural details that you may want to incorporate into the home.

We will also need to discuss the long term functionality of your home. We will inform you of the new, cutting edge energy-saving products and equipment that can be incorporated into your home.

Have an interest in being off the grid? We have experience in rainwater collection systems, solar panel installations and on demand water heaters.

It may sound like a daunting task, but not really. Gaeke Construction’s systematic approach to selecting these items assures that all selections are addressed and the homeowner knows how they function together, as well as the budgetary requirements for each item.

Step 3: Construction

The sustainability of your new home is extremely important engineering of the foundation and framing assures that your new home has been designed to meet particular soil requirements of the building site and the structural framing reflects the required engineering of the framing components to adequately support the homes framing structure top-quality materials that meet and exceed current residential building codes are standard on all of our homes the energy efficiency of your home will also meet or exceed current code requirements energy efficient windows wall and attic insulation foam insulation for face reflective roof decking are just a few of the items that can be used to customize your home’s energy efficiency adequately waterproofing your home is extremely important. The latest in flashing membrane technology is used to seal the exterior wall openings around windows and doors. An array of different house wraps is used behind masonry, plaster and wood siding to ensure the exterior wall is waterproof properly. The roof structure can incorporate the latest membrane waterproofing technology as well as synthetic underlayment’s that way surpasses the functionality of standard 30 pound felt paper.

And what really separates our homes from the competition is the craftsmanship. The attention to detail is evident in all aspects of our home construction. This is quality craftsmanship that you can reach out and touch.